We have many opportunities to help the less fortunate in our neighborhoods and throughout the world. One of our Extended Ministries is El Camino de Emaus, in Burlington, WA.  We also help support the world mission of India Transformed.

     We are members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and through their agencies we fight illiteracy, oppression, poverty and hunger.  Locally we do much of the same through our membership in the Church Council of Greater Seattle.

      In West Seattle we support:  The West Seattle Food Bank and the West Seattle Helpline which both provide a wide variety of assistance for our neighbors in need.


St. Nicholas Faire
Watch for our annual St. Nicholas Faire which is held here at First Lutheran Church of West Seattle!  This is a yearly fund raising event that supports the West Seattle Food Bank and Helpline.  Usually the first or second Sunday in December, be sure to mark your calendars.  Specific dates and updated information are noted in The Messenger each fall.


Acolytes:  Church Youth who are trained to assist at the altar during the liturgy.

Altar Guild:  A group of people who care for and set the altar for worship.

Altar Sewing:  Volunteers who care for, mend and restore linens and vestments.

Church Choirs: Singing hymns and choral anthems to support and enrich the worship.

Community Meals:  Meal preparation and serving those in need.

Church Council:  Elected officers who meet monthly to discuss the business and workings of the church.

Lutheran Compass Center:  Meal preparation, delivery, serving, hygiene gifts and monetary support.

Service Teams:  Rotating teams that carry out the reception duties of the church in monthly stints.

Sister Parishes:

  El Camino de Emmaus in the Skagit Valley - 

  Fund Raiser Donations and monetary support.

Sunday Church School Teachers: To teach the children of the church through scripture, lessons and music.