Chapel of the Resurrection

The Columbarium of First Lutheran Church of West Seattle


The columbarium chapel was dedicated on November 25, 2001 with forty-nine niches installed on the north wall.  Another forty-nine niches were added to the south wall and dedicated on February 22, 2009.  Response to the columbarium has been positively robust.  


We believe that this form of burial provides great comfort to the members of our parish family. By being able to inter their ashes in the church, a sacred resting place is provided. Burial in the columbarium of our church is a glorious way to care for the remains of loved ones.


If you have not yet made burial plans for yourself we encourage you to consider a niche in the columbarium, The Chapel of the Resurrection. The cost of a niche is $800.  A payment plan may be arranged with the church office.  Forms are available on the Narthex table and in the church office. Call us if you have any questions.


  The Burial of the Dead is an Easter liturgy. It has its focus in Baptism by which one is made a child of God forever and is dramatized in the Easter Vigil and its celebration of the passage through death to new life, where Christ has led the way.   


  The church has traditionally been the natural repository and final resting place of the deceased members of the Christian community.  The preferred burial space was within the church itself where the faithful gathered for celebrating the funeral liturgy.   


All Saints' Day
November 1, 2012