First Lutheran Church of West Seattle

A Beacon of Hope and Grace



The Presentation

of Our Lord —

      On Friday, February 1st we celebrate The Presentation of our Lord at 11:45 am in the chapel with Holy Eucharist. 

      This feast day revolves around a prophecy in Luke 2:34-35 that relates a stirring story about Christ’s ministry.  It says he will be spoken against, and that he will cause the rise and  fall of many.  Honor God this day for the wisdom in this prophecy. These words from Martin Luther will be included in the sermon for the day:

      “If a person is unwilling to accept this child, Jesus, we must simply close our eyes and ears and proceed as though we did not see him fall. For this child’s significance will be that his gospel shall be defamed as heresy; this is one of his trademarks, that many will stumble and take offense because of him" (Luther's House Postils 1:160).







  Holy Saturday  
Come experience the Burial of Our Lord in all the glory of the ages.  This short mystical liturgy is preparation for the evening Vigil of Easter, which is celebrated each year, and finalizes what begins on Maundy Thursday.