Covid 19 Virus

Due to changing conditions relating to the Covid 19 virus, we will not consider restarting any worship liturgies on Sundays or Wednesdays (closures began March 15th) at least until mid December because of city, state and national recommendations.  Online liturgies are now and will continue to be posted weekly until the conditions and recommendations change.  Bible Classes are now being offered via Zoom on Thursday evenings.  Contact Pastor Marshall by email: deogloria@foxinternet.com if you would like to join the class.  If you have questions regarding other services or classes please refer to the online calendar which will be updated as things change.  Thank you. 

 Online Sunday Liturgies — March 15 into April 2020

Online Sunday Liturgies for May – August 2020

Online Sunday Liturgies for September – December 2020

  Online Sunday Liturgies for January April 2021


Worship Schedule



        Sunday Worship                   8:00 am Holy Eucharist - Chapel

                                                  10:30 am Choral Eucharist - Nave

                                                    8:00 pm Compline - Chapel

        Wednesday Worship         9:30 am Matins - Chapel

                                                  11:45 am Holy Eucharist - Chapel

                                                    7:00 pm Vespers and Reserve Sacrament - Chapel



        Sacrament of Penance       3-5 pm Third Saturday - Chapel



        Sunday Nursery     10:30 am Child Care 4 yrs. and under.


                               * Baptisms arranged through the Pastor.

                               * Weddings arranged through the Pastor.

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 See:  Online Sunday Liturgies for September – December 2020




We worship in the ancient, historical patterns that Christians have handed down through the centuries.  We celebrate the Lord's Supper at both of our liturgies on Sunday mornings, and on Wednesdays, every week of the year.  This is the way Christ wanted us to remember him on the Lord's Day.


      Our prayer together is always liturgical, following the historical forms  of the Church.  We read Holy Scriptures as they are appointed in the Lectionary.  The sermon explains those readings in terms of the Law and Gospel.  In this we rely on Martin Luther's (1483-1546) understanding of Christ's mission and life.


       Our hymns and choral music reinforce the Scriptures read, proclaimed and prayed in our worship.  This supports the solemnity of our praise to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Historical vestments and traditional rituals also contribute to the richness of worship.  All our corporate worship is offered within the consecrated walls of our church which is deemed God's holy and sacred house of prayer.